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Download Free WP Plugin Manager Pro v1.0.9 – Deactivate plugins per page

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Download Free WP Plugin Manager Pro - wordpress plugin v1.0.9

Today it is becoming a major need for websites that load faster. If a site loads quickly, then it’s considered to be more trustworthy and professional. Speed of website loading has a significant impact in determining the users’ experience. Also, it creates an impressive impression on the visitor, and could lead to a better conversion rate.

“Plugin Manager Pro” is an WordPress plugin that lets you to turn off plugins for specific posts, pages or URI situations. There are times when you don’t have to load every plugin on every post or page. However, doing it can slow down loading speeds of your site dramatically. You may also want to turn off some plugins on particular pages or content so that you can improve the speed of your website and make it professional too. This is where the plug-in “Plugin Manager” will come to the rescue. It allows you to turn off any plugins you believe are not necessary on specific posts or pages in accordance with your requirements.

Benefits of using the WordPress plugin Manager.

  • This reduces the size of pages by ensuring that unnecessary CSS/js files aren’t loading.
  • The reduction in the total amount of HTTP requests.
  • Design a website that is that is up to 90% quicker.
  • Performance of websites is a key element to improve conversion. WP Manager can improve the performance overall of a web site.

Plugin Main features

  • Easy to make use of
  • Disable plugins selectively
  • Remove plugins from specific web pages
  • Deleting plugins for specific post
  • Remove plugins from the list of URI circumstances
  • There are four different types of URI circumstances.

    • URI Equals
    • URI Doesn’t Equal
    • URI contains
    • URI Does Not Contain
  • Panel with easy options
  • Very light

Demo WP Plugin Manager Pro

Download WP Plugin Manager Pro v1.0.9 - Deactivate plugins per page

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