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Download Free Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin) v3.6.3

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Download Free Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin) - wordpress plugin v3.6.3

POS System for WooCommerce

The Point of Sale system for WooCommerce stores owners with the ability with the ability to manage their stores that allows them to effortlessly run their online stores with physical store.

The physical stores will be equipped with the POS front-end management system where the administrator can designate an agent to the store that can efficiently manage clients and sales of that particular location.

The POS software can operate both offline and online, by synchronizing all sales and customer information from the offline store to the store on the internet whenever it goes online. The program plays a crucial function in improving the daily sales through an management system for managing websites as well as physical store.

Note:We have the version for production as it is more efficient and faster for use with the current version. If you are looking for an upgrade version of the plugin, you can make a request at [email protected]. We will then send to you the exact version.

POS Desktop ……

The features that are part of POS System for WooCommerce

  • The administrator can establish several store outlets to the store online and then designate sales representatives for them.

  • Master-stock may be allocated by the administrator to each product at a date. The master stock assignment can be ordered in bulk.

  • A reliable inventory and sales administration system to manage the administrator.

  • Central inventory may be authorized by the administrator.

  • The module includes an PWA POS desktop application for more efficient handling and speedier performance.

  • The application also offers the PWA POS mobile application that can be used even with a low internet connection and loads on your home screen, etc.

  • The administrator can generate an barcode that can be used for either the product Id and SKU.

  • The sales or admin is able to set the unit’s cost based on the amount of weight the item weighs.

  • The client can pay using different payment options that are entered into the point of sale. In addition, the customer can opt for a split-payment.

  • When you payment the POS agent is able to apply the code ……

Highlighted Features

1Multiple Outlets to Your eCommerce Store

Set up and oversee a range different POS outlets.

2. Improve the Customer Service of your company

Make an order both for existing and brand new customers.

3. Offer the customer with a discount on their product

In the shopping cart, you can apply discounts as a fixed total or as percentage ( percent) amount.

4- A single click to enter Coupon Code

In the process of placing an order, the cashier is able to use the coupon discount code.

5- Control your merchandise by using Barcode

Design barcodes to your product for a hassle-free payment.

For Business Use

Growing your online business in conjunction with your brick and mortar store, could give your customers the most memorable shopping experience.

The administrator is able to create multiple physical stores or outlets to the online store The Point of Sale System module expands the scope of revenue generation by increasing the number of point of sale.

The administrator can oversee the physical store’s point of sale. In order to increase the amount of work points the outlet or store can include more than one sales agent or cashier.

It is possible to use the POS System can operate in offline as well as online modes. The POS agent also has the ability to manually synchronize offline information.

Its Point of Sale System module can be beneficial for boosting the overall profit by having several physical shops in along with an online shop.

Sell to multiple locations simultaneously

It is impossible to be at two places at the simultaneously, however the eCommerce POS integration might.

  • Administrators can oversee several POS system.
  • Utilizing POS The products are much easier to handle.
  • In accordance with the category as well as all the items, merchandise could be linked to the retailer from which they came.
  • The administrator can select the category to be assigned to the outlet directly from the source.

Demo Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Download Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin) v3.6.3

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